Sunday, September 2, 2012

a girl from bangladesh.

i met a girl from bangladesh this week. my encounter with her keeps replaying over and over in my mind. i found her so intriguing. she came in the kitchen during a break between classes. it was easy to see that she seemed a bit anxious. her hands were full. she began asking questions about many different things. she told another girl and myself that she recently came to america. everything was new. she was trying to understand her new environment and it's people. she had questions about heating things in microwaves, using coffee pots, how much money americans make on a weekly basis...questions about transportation, taxes, the list goes on. everything was completely opposite of what she was used to. out of my own curiosity i wanted to press her with more questions, but i decided to only ask one. "what brought you to this place," i said. her response. "i want to change my country." she spoke with passion behind her voice. it may not seem like much, but it was profound for me. here is a woman who is so incredibly devoted to her community that she was willing to move across the world and immerse herself in a completely new way of life, not simply for her own good but ultimately for the benefit of someone else.

listening to her made made me think about the effect we have on other people. our ability to make a difference and stimulate change. i was talking with a friend earlier today about how everything happens for a reason. i truly believe that each person we meet plays a specific role in our lives...whether its the woman who passed you on the street whose smile you will never forget, or the man who helped you change your tire in the rain when you had a flat, or the older gentleman who bags groceries at food lion and always expresses interest in knowing how life is going, or the guy who broke your heart...or the girl from bangladesh. it all holds meaning and significance. you may not realize the impact you have on someone else's life, but you do. even the moments that would seemingly be better off forgotten, there is purpose in them too. most often i like to think it's God saying, "here child, this is for the next step in your journey."

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