Wednesday, June 12, 2013

foreign + beautiful

i met a woman from romania several years ago and for some reason i remember her tonight. i first saw her on my routine walks at the park. her name has faded from my memory. all i know is that it was something foreign and beautiful. and that smile. it was sweet and sincere. we always walked slowly and in sync with one another. at times not saying much but enjoying each others company. what i remember most is how she carried herself with grace. i so admired her perseverance as she shared her life story with me. every word she spoke was full of love. i always felt a sense of peace and calm on our walks together, like all was well with the world.

i needed that reminder tonight. and maybe you do too. it's all gonna be okay. sometimes you just need to hear those simple words and say it to yourself, over and over again. everything is working together for good. it may be hard to see right now, but one day we will. xoxo.

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